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Building regulation inspection guidelines: new build

We will need to inspect your building work at various stages (check list below). You may need to notify your building control surveyor at several stages, depending on the nature of the work. Please contact Central Building Control Partnership when the work has reached the appropriate stage.

Request an inspection

Inspection stages

  • Commencement notification (minimum 2 days notice required)
  • Excavation for foundations
  • Foundation reinforcement
  • Concrete foundations
  • Oversite (i.e. floor slab preparation and/or floor insulation)
  • Damp proof course
  • Drains ready for inspection
  • Drains backfilled and ready for test
  • Floor Joists fixed
  • Roof carcase fixed
  • Structural beams prior to covering up
  • Pre-plaster/insulation
  • Occupation of the building (5 days prior to occupation)
  • Final completion (within 5 days)

We offer next (working) day inspections, when requested by 4pm Monday to Friday.

When requesting an inspection, please quote:

  • Name
  • Full site address
  • Application number
  • Stage of inspection required
  • Daytime contact telephone number

Please note: failing to notify Central Building Control Partnership at the appropriate stage may result in you having to uncover or remove the work.

Important notices

Private sewer transfers

From 1 October 2011 the ownership of private sewers (sewers serving more than one property) and lateral drains (the section of drain serving just one property which is sited beyond the property boundary), which were connected to the existing public sewer system on or before 1 July 2011 transferred to the water and sewerage company for your area.

If during the course of your building work sewers are encountered, which fall within the scope of the transfer, Central Building Control Partnership is required to notify the water and sewerage company that a sewer has been found. In some instances, dependent upon the nature of the sewer, the water and sewerage company may require you to enter into a building over agreement before works can progress further on site.

Where sewer transfers are encountered the water and sewerage company may impose certain conditions upon the construction and protection of the sewer passing across your land. During the inspection of building works Central Building Control Partnership takes no responsibility for the actions or requirements of the water and sewerage company, including any delays in building works that may result from the intervention of the water and sewerage company in protecting their sewer.

To avoid incurring unforeseen costs or having restrictions imposed upon your building works, resulting from the intervention of the water and sewerage company, we strongly advise you to determine the status and location of all drainage passing across your property before works starts on site.

Public sewer connections

Severn Trent Water Limited inspect connections onto public sewers – for further details please telephone 0116 234 3811.

Gas service pipes

The gas safety regulations require that a gas supply should not be built over except under certain conditions. If your property is served by gas, the building work you propose may affect the gas supply and we recommend that you contact UK Gas Distribution – telephone 0845 605 6677.

Only Gas Safe registered engineers should carry out work on gas appliances or installations in your home. If in doubt, contact Gas Safe Register – telephone 0800 408 5500.

Notices and certificates

Keep all approval notices and/or certificates in a safe place as in the event of your property being sold, as the the purchaser’s solicitor may ask to inspect these documents.

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