Fees and charges

Depending on the size of the project, if you are submitting full plans, in most cases the fees are lower. This is because we can work systematically from the plans, and don’t need to be on site as much. Large or complex projects submitted as full plans have the benefit of a full plan assessment and are dealt with at a lower cost than building notices.

If you are not submitting full plans to us, you will need a building notice instead. These are generally more expensive, because we cannot work from the plans and need to make more on site visits.

Please submit the plan assessment or building notice fee with your application. Where applicable, we will invoice the inspection fee after work has started.

Fees are based on Building Control Charging Scheme and include VAT at 20%.

When looking for regularisation application costs, see building notice fees.

Consider us part of your team and involve us as early as possible.

Need a fast quote?

If you need a fast quote or if the fees listed below do not apply to your work, please email us at info@centralbc.org.uk or call us on 0300 111 8035. Every fast quote is based on the time we think it will take to check your plans and the number of inspections we expect to carry out.

Our fees and charges

Type of workPlan AssessmentInspection FeeTotal Full Plans ProjectTotal Building Notice Project
Garage or carport up to 60m²£366Included£366£366
Garage or carport between 60m² and 100m²£138£420£558£702
Garage or carport over 100m²Fast quoteFast quoteFast quoteFast quote
Extension - the floor area up to 10m²£366Included£366£366
Extension - between 10m² and 40m²£138£420£558£558
Extension -between 40m² and 100m²£183£558£741£918
Extension - over 100m²Fast quoteFast quoteFast quoteFast quote
Loft conversion£195£288£486£606
Garage conversion£318Included£318£318
Other internal alterations carried out at the same time as any of the above items**£96 (*)£96
Replacement windows (up to 4)£90Included£90£90
Replacement windows (5 to 8)£114Included£114£114
Replacement windows (9+)£144Included£144£144

(*) Add fee to plan assessment fee where inspection fee is included

Where an application involves notifiable electrical work that is carried out by someone who is not qualified to issue the relevant certification – to confirm the work has been designed, inspected and tested to current standards (Part P) – an additional charge of £350 +VAT per dwelling is payable. A minimum standard of qualification is City and Guilds qualification Parts 1 and 2.

Notifiable electrical work carried out by a ‘competent’ electrician costs £142.50 +VAT

Estimated cost of work (£)Plan AssessmentInspection FeeTotal Full Plans ProjectTotal Building Notice Project
0 - 2,000£171Included£171£171
2,001 – 5,000£285Included£285£285
5,001 – 10,000£90£270£360£360
Over 10,000Fast quoteFast quoteFast quoteFast quote
New build dwellings with a total floor area up to 300m2 (price is per dwelling)Plan AssessmentInspection FeeTotal Full Plans ProjectTotal Building Notice Project
2£156 per plot£348 per plot£504 per plotFast quote
3£138 per plot£294 per plot£432 per plotFast quote
4£126 per plot£258 per plot£384 per plotFast quote
5£120 per plot£252 per plot£372 per plotFast quote
6+Fast quoteFast quoteFast quoteFast quote
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