How we set our fees

Our fees are based on an estimate of the time we think it will take to check any plans, and inspect the work as it progresses.

Because our charges must reflect the actual time we spend on each project, our fees are not fixed for the life of the project.

Why we charge?

Obtaining building regulation approval is a service that must be self-financing, and is therefore not funded by council tax, business rates, or general taxation (with the exception of certain works for disabled people).

Basis of our charges

We are required by law to fully recover the costs that we incur when approving and inspecting work your project for compliance with the building regulations.

Our charges have been determined using what we think is a reasonable amount of time we need to put into the project. In setting the fees there is an assumption that the people you have employed to design and build the project are competent to do so, and checking compliance is straightforward.

Where we incur additional work over and above an additional one-hour, we may invoice you for our additional costs.

Payment of fees

Your application is not legally valid until the final application charge has been paid. Find out how to make a payment.

Disabled person exemption

If the work is for the sole benefit of a disabled person e.g. an accessible bathroom, or wider door openings, etc, then the application may be exempt from the payment of fees.

If this is the case, we will need evidence of that person’s disability, and a supporting statement stating the benefit they will gain from the work being carried out. This can be provided by a GP or other relevant person in regular contact with the disabled person, such as social services, NHS, etc.

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