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Choosing a builder

We recommend that you thoroughly check any builder out before employing their services.

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Does the work involve the preparation of plans only, or is site supervision part of the package?
  • If you consider your job so small you don’t need a professional, get advice from someone in the industry who you know and trust.
  • Always get quotations – at least three.
  • Do not automatically go for the cheapest quote.
  • How do they want to be paid – on completion or in stages?
  • Do they have the skills needed for your project?
  • Ask questions of the builder – such as where have they worked before. Are they happy for you to see their work?
  • Can they supply references from satisfied clients? Contact these past clients and ask them about the quality of the builder’s work as well as their work habits etc.
  • Are they happy to accept a retention clause?
  • Will they give you a final completion date?
  • Will they accept a penalty clause on failure to complete on time?
  • Will they agree to independent arbitration should you have any dispute?

If you need extra help and advice, contact the relevant professional organisation.

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